General Surgery in Casper, WY

When you undergo surgery of any kind, you consider a number of factors that can affect the procedure itself, your comfort, and your recovery time. At Casper Surgical Center, we offer expert and compassionate general surgery.

Our team performs a range of services with the utmost care and precision to ensure that you can have any necessary procedures with as little disruption of your everyday life as possible.

Our General Surgery Capabilities

Our center specializes in ambulatory surgery, also called short-stay or same-day surgery. These procedures generally take a shorter operating time and do not require an overnight stay. Common ambulatory surgeries that our team handles include:

  • Biopsies
  • Hernia repair
  • Hysterectomy and prostatectomy
  • Partial and full mastectomies
  • Wound debridement

We make these surgeries as simple as possible so you can get through the procedure and begin healing quickly.

Consult with our team today to receive personalized information about your procedure and recovery time. Depending on the surgery you receive, you may need to abstain from eating, drinking, or taking certain medications for a specified period of time before the procedure. Additionally, you may need a friend or relative to drive you home after the procedure.

To learn more about our services and staff, visit our physicians and specialties page.

Our Professional Team

Casper Surgical Center has become one of the most trusted outpatient surgical centers in the state. To ensure our patients’ safety and satisfaction, we employ highly trained and friendly medical professionals with excellent performance in previous surgeries.

We understand how intimidating and inconvenient surgery can be so we maintain an atmosphere that fosters patient empowerment, efficient procedures, and cost-effective solutions. We have some of the fastest recovery times and one of the lowest infection rates among local surgical centers.

Contact our Casper, WY facility today to schedule a consultation or procedure.


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